Unbeatable Mind Podcast: Robert Hamilton Owens “The Fittest 66 Year Old In The World”

Growing And Getting Stronger At Every Age

 “I’m stronger than I’ve been since my twenties. I thought, ‘Man, I can grow older and stronger at the same time. And get better.’” — Robert Owens

Preparing for the Spartan Race at Dodger Stadium Mark had a chance to talk with Robert Hamilton Owens (www.roberthamiltonowens.com). Robert is known as a speaker, athlete, Special Ops Pararescueman and adventurer. At the age of 65, he took on five endurance challenges, including on his 66th birthday completing SEALFIT’s Kokoro 50-hour challenge. He has completed 12 Ironman triathlons, the most recent being last year. He also loves being an inspiration and mentor for young people, helping candidates for the Air Force Pararescuemen or “PJs” with whom he served in Vietnam. He and Mark talk about the importance of mindset to overcome physical challenges.

Find out about:

  • Robert’s achievements and lessons from being the oldest man ever to complete the Kokoro camp
  • How in the most extreme endurance challenges, your physical strength is already exhausted, and it’s your mental strength that gets you to the finish
  • The differences between endurance and strength and how Robert had to make some changes to train for Kokoro

Listen to this episode to get some insight into the importance of always staying relevant and “in the game” no matter what your age. He continues to take on challenges to help see what can be achieved to inspire others.

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Rick Krusky