Robert, the consultant

Robert Hamilton Owens is known in the business and corporate worlds as a problem solver and leader of leaders. He was first approached for his assistance immediately following his service as a USAF Pararescueman. He’s since been consistently hired to mentor and work with an array of business leaders, management teams, and employee groups to increase their skills and become better leaders – an undertaking has taken him to over 30 nations over the last 25 years.

Robert is unique in that he is also known for his crisis coaching skills and mediation background. He has been called on for this specific skill set by many a leader who has hit a wall in their personal or professional life. And Robert’s counseling background with drugs, alcohol and addictions, as well as corporate and business issues, has made him a real asset and sounding board for so many more.

Robert attended and graduated from Pepperdine University’s “Dispute Resolution-Conflict Management Certificate Program.” He was also appointed by two Nevada Governors for four-year terms to be the only non-legal background member ever on the “Nevada State Judicial Ethics Commission,” whose activities focused on mediating statewide legal, ethical, judicial and political issues. Robert was brought on because of his unique perspective, and to challenge the commission member’s perspectives.

But ultimately Robert doesn’t view himself as an expert. Rather, he views himself as someone blessed to have lived such a full and lengthy life. Someone who has seen firsthand an enormous amount of the world. Someone who has carefully gleaned all he could from his countless adventures and accomplishments. And someone lucky to be sought by so many for the resulting wisdom.